Life is a party, a first class celebration of which you are itís most honored guest and as such you ought to experience itís festivities to the fullest. Tragically though many fail in this party called life because they just donít dance. They donít know the steps, theyíre not in sync with the rhythm and theyíre really to scared or shy to try.

I believe the worst thing one can do is not try to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it. To spend years in silent regret wondering if something will materialize and doubting it ever will is just plain wrong.

This site is designed to change that, to enlarge your vision to create a definite plan for carrying out your desires and to begin at once whether youíre ready or not to put your customized plan into action.


The time will never be just right, start where you stand! Work with whatever tools you have at your command and better tools will unveil as you go along. Isnít it interesting that the last word in Abundance is Dance, in Guidance is Dance and in Attendance is Dance.

Since youíve come to the party ya might as well dance.

So Letís Get Started!

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Amusing Grace

Chit Chat'n

How to be Badder Than Yo Bad Kids

The word amusing is defined as a quality that appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or comical.  The word grace is defined as help given man by GodÖ. And without a shadow of a doubt this is how weíve made it thus far.

Reflection on how life could be and should be with the proper insights.  Valuable advice to women about sense and sensibility from a platform of humor.

Power points on how to have a healthy, happy relationship with your kids.  Relationship building principles on how to have an A+ child in a D-world.

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